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Well, in order to tell you how I see therapy, first I have to tell you how I see life. I view life as a book in progress and though we may struggle with certain pages, heck even chapters at times, there is a main story we've come to see or others tell us they see about our lives. 

So how do I help?

To put it simply, I help you to rewrite that story. I’ve learned a great deal, not only from working with my clients, but on myself, and if I've taken anything from all of it, it's how important it is to put yourself first by truly taking care of yourself.

I, myself, have undergone a journey of self discovery and rewritten my own story. One of the things I learned is the importance of balance and self-care in life. As a an always-anxious person and survivor of complex trauma, I worked very hard to rise above. I built something of myself and found solace in my career, but reached a point where I felt I was not living a life in balance as a person, partner, family member, or friend. Even though I had learned so much,  I found myself constantly stressed and overwhelmed and felt something was missing.


The notion of truly taking care of myself was difficult. However, this is how the concept of mindfulness came to be more than an idea, but a whole new chapter in my own life. A new way of life, really. Now, I share my passion by helping my clients do the same to let go of the wounds of the past and move forward.

Experience and Skills

At this point, you might be interested in what qualifications I have as a mental health provider. Below is some information about my education, experience, and skills.


To start, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida. I received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and then a Master of Science in Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. I have worked with clients from a wide array of backgrounds on many issues particularly trauma, anxiety, self esteem, and couple and family issues. I’ve also served as a clinical supervisor to a team of counselors in a community-based program. I have been honored to have helped so many people!

I am trained in several models, among the most prominent, brief therapy, narrative, mindfulness-based CBT, and solution-oriented approaches to help clients move towards their goals sooner. I'm also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy, a world-leading therapy model in healing trauma. I believe each and every client is unique with their own distinct strengths and resources and work collaboratively with them to uncover and harness these abilities.

"The journey of a thousand Miles begins with a single step."

-Lao Tzu

Values and Philosophy

I am committed to:


I will do my best to always be honest with you, even if it may be difficult. Sometimes that means pulling from my own experiences personally or professionally to build from solutions others have found useful. It might also mean admitting when I don't know the answer. It might even mean calling you out on things you don't necessarily want to hear. However, this leads me to my next value...


I will always treat you with dignity and respect-even when "calling you out." The information I present for you will be from my own clinical judgment in what you may need to move forward and reach your goals, but I will never "push too hard." I will always respect your decision to wait until you are ready to "go there." This aligns with my favorite quote on the top of the web page. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." EVERY step we take means you are one step closer. One step at a time and you will get there.


I have a team-mindset. This means that I will always involve you in the process of problem solving. That said, it is also my job to be the best mirror I can for you. This is where my clinical skills come in-helping to open space for some things you may not have thought of and looking from another perspective to help bring clarity and direction. 

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