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"What does the internet have to do with mindfulness?" You Might ask.


For me, mindfulness is not just about being in the present but living a life every day that makes it possible for one to actually be present. That may mean many things to people. For some, it might mean having a career you're passionate about, working hours that allow you free-time to do various activities, spending time with your friends or family-the list goes on. 

Counseling can be a great strategy for creating a mindful life! Yet, one thing that often stops so many of us from achieving this is time. We only have so much time for everything in a day. Getting in your car and going through the hassle of traffic can be frustrating and discouraging, reducing the chance of sticking with it. This is why I have chosen to also provide e-counseling services-to break that barrier so you can work on you with one less thing to worry about!

Common questions and concerns


Is it confidential/secure?

Yes! The software I use is HIPPA compliant which means there are certain levels of encryption to ensure your privacy.


What is it like?

​It is a video conferencing call-similar to Skype (but confidential and secure). Our relationship, quality of work, and sessions will be handled the same way as if we were to meet face-to-face in person. The only difference is you are in the comfort of whatever personal space you choose, your home, office, etc. 

Are there any restrictions?

Since I am licensed in the state of Florida, you must physically be located in the state at each time of our session to comply with legal and ethical regulations. However, you don't have to be in your home town so if you are away on a trip in another city, you don't have to miss your session!

What are the benefits and risks?

The biggest benefit is taking out any issues related to travel and privacy. As I mentioned, you are in whatever space is private and comfortable for you. Eliminating travel issues also means that we can be more consistent in our work-which can translate to making progress in therapy quicker! 

As far as risks go, I would not consider it a risk per-say, but some people simply feel more comfortable in person and may not prefer this setting, choosing to seek counseling elsewhere. That's completely okay as everything is not for everyone and I respect your decision to do what feels right for you. However, there have been some folks who never considered e-counseling and have really come to enjoy-prefer it even! 

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