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“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

― Steve Maraboli,

What are your rates?

I charge $125 per session hour (50 minutes).

 * Because I believe therapy should be accessible to everyone, I do offer a sliding scale under certain circumstances. Please contact me to find out more and discuss this possibility.

Do you accept insurance? 

I do not currently accept in-network insurance. There are several reasons I have

chosen not to do this: 

1) When you bill insurance, a mental health diagnosis must be provided. This

means that your confidential information is shared and becomes part of you public

health record. I believe in the utmost privacy for my clients and also do not feel

that needing to provide a diagnostic label is always necessary or helpful in

serving clients. 

2) I specialize in couples issues. Couples counseling is not identified as a

billable service under most insurance companies.

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What are your rates?

The rate to work with any of our highly skilled therapists is $175 per session hour (50 minutes).

Do you accept insurance? 

We are not  in-network with any insurance carriers. Choosing to pursue a private pay option ensures the utmost confidentiality for our clients. . In order to bill insurance, a therapist is required to provide a mental health diagnosis. This diagnosis is added to your medical record. Pursing private pay does not require a mental health diagnosis to be assigned nor release of your treatment records to a third party such as your insurance carrier. Additionally, in network insurance option includes certain stipulations as to what for and when your treatment may take place according to your insurance plan. With private pay, you are in control of the length and frequency of sessions. 


Out-of-network (OON) benefits?

If you pursue this option, you would pay for session(s) up front and we would provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement which may cover some or all of the cost.

*Please contact your insurance carrier to see if they offer OON benefits and verify any limitations like deductible, etc.

How did you decide your rates?

We specialize in the services we offer and our rates are competitively priced with that of providers who have similar levels of education, specialty training, and experience for the area served. 

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