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This community serves as a platform to 

participate in educational and engaging workshops/activities focused on helping you or those you know reduce stress and increase mindfulness across different areas of life. 

Networking Event

Events typically include a workshop portion where psychotherapist, Lisa Seid, LMFT

will teach:





This will be coupled with fun activities such as walks, art activities, and more!

1) Reasons why the issue matters.

2) How it impacts us.

3) At least 1 strategy you can use.

Three Friends
Adult Students
Wine & Painting Night

To click to join through our FB group for upcoming events and added education and inspiration!

  "Let's say 'No' to stress and burnout and 'Yes' to a Mindful Life!"

- Lisa Seid, LMFT

* This group is not a therapeutic support group but rather an educational and inspirational resource. If you are interested in participating in therapy, you may speak to the admin privately to request a consultation call.

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