This community serves as a platform to 

participate in educational and engaging workshops/activities focused on helping you or those you know reduce stress and increase mindfulness across different areas of life. 

Events typically include a workshop portion where psychotherapist, Lisa Seid, LMFT

will teach:





This will be coupled with fun activities such as walks, art activities, and more!

1) Reasons why the issue matters.

2) How it impacts us.

3) At least 1 strategy you can use.

To find upcoming events click to join through our meetup link at

Once you have joined our Meetup community, you can participate in our FB group for added education and inspiration!

  "Let's say 'No' to stress and burnout and 'Yes' to a Mindful Life!"

- Lisa Seid, LMFT

* This group is not a therapeutic support group but rather an educational and inspirational resource. If you are interested in participating in therapy, you may speak to the admin privately to request a consultation call.

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