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Are you ready to…

ditch the chaos for calm?

stop judging and start LOVING yourself?

stop making excuses or self-sabotaging?

COMMIT to healing wounds of the past?

live an EMPOWERED present and future?

align with your TRUE self?

CLAIM your life for YOU?

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Program starts January 20, 2020

Transforming Chaos to Confident, Clear, & Calm

A 6 Week Immersive Online Program

I Claim 'Me'

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What will it look like?

Each week we'll cover a different topic specifically designed to help you move from chaos to confident, clear, and calm. Weeks will be arranged as follows:

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Week 1


Learn what it means to carry the chaos while engaging in a dynamic discovery of what you need to clear away so you can bring in more calm, today. 

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Week 2


Learn the fundamentals of mindful living and mind/body awareness so you can start to soothe your body’s anxieties and break the cycle of chaos.

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Week 3


Uncover limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the past, how they got there, and how to install positive ones so you can bring in more confidence!

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Week 4


Use creativity and visualization to draw closer to your desired self and claim what you want.

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Week 5


Learn effective strategies for stepping into your new life, creating positive relationships, boundaries with others, and setting the stage for success.

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Week 6


Complete a Mindful Check Up to hone-in-on potential barriers and learn strategies to help you overcome them to keep the momentum going and develop lasting change.

About the Instructor

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Lisa Seid, LMFT aka The Mindful Psychotherapist is a licensed psychotherapist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida specializing in anxiety, stress, and trauma, particularly related to relationship and family issues (past or present) and the owner of Mindful Life Solutions llc. She is a Mindful Life enthusiast who takes a holistic approach towards helping and healing.


Having undergone her own journey of trauma healing, stress, and burnout, Lisa has dedicated her life to teaching others how to break through limiting mindsets rooted in the past to manifest peace and happiness in their present.

As a true advocate of healing , she offers community awareness and support on a local and global scale through retreats, workshops, live speaking engagements, blogging, active social media engagement on Instagram, coaching, and individual therapy. She is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy), one of the foremost brain-based therapy models effective in treating trauma. It is her passion and mission to help others live a more Mindful Life, today. logo.png
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What will I receive?

A whole lot!

Below lists all the things you'll get when you sign up:

  • Weekly course content specifically addressing our topic of the week.

  • Downloadable worksheet(s) aimed to help you truly understand yourself, your unique needs, and create a target action plan in each area of focus. 

  • Custom weekly video/audio meditations pertaining to each unique segment focus.

  • Exclusive access to our private FB group for ongoing support and encouragement.

  • Weekly live group Zoom video call every Friday to dig deeper into topics, ask questions, and bust through any barriers in your healing process (lives will also be posted to FB group so you can access any time if unable to join)

  • Lifetime access to all coursework and downloads.

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How much will it cost me?

With all of the downloadable content, live group coaching, and printable materials included, this program is easily worth over $2,100.


But because I want something accessible for everyone, I'm offering this amazing program for a

self-investment fee of just $749

*That's just 2 payments of $374.50 or 3 payments of 249.67

Program Options

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Is this really right for me?

Great question! Participants who will benefit most from this program feel they...

  • have to ‘be perfect’ and do it all

  • often throw themselves into obligations

  • are so “busy” they don’t have time for the things that truly matter

  • have had “successes” in areas of life but still feel like a failure

  • often criticize themselves harshly despite something good happening

  • give to everyone but find it so hard to give back to themselves

  • find it hard to trust that others genuinely care about them or that they’re good ENOUGH 

  • often struggle to build and maintain meaningful or healthy relationships in their lives

program options

“Reclaiming our power, healing ourselves, loving ourselves, knowing ourselves – these phrases are becoming more and more common, why? Because they are the pathways to our own freedom and happiness.” 


Yung Pueblo

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