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4 Ways to get your partner on board with resolutions

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

So many of us embark on this "New Year New You" journey every January. We consider the many things we want to change in our lives-lose weight, get healthy, saving money, get a better job, spend more time with the ones we love. The list can go on and on. Many of us start off with such momentum but then find ourselves sliding back into this place of complacency unfulfilling our original goals.

So what makes a difference? Well, many things can either help or hinder your progress but one thing that has a history of helping is support! Therefore, the reason why so many programs are out there to help cheer you on and keep you on track. Now, this may come as no surprise that having a supportive partner can make or break your motivation and follow through on your goals.

For example, are you tired of eating salads and grilled chicken on your weight loss journey suggesting you buy that box of donuts? Does your partner say "Ok, sure!" or do they hold you accountable in a gentle way and say, "They do look good but how will they help you with your goal? Maybe we can make a sweet but healthy alternative instead-like a smoothie instead."

So how do I get him/her on board? Here are a few strategies to try:

1) Prepare a list of the things you want to accomplish, why they are important to you (i.e. how reaching these goals will make your life better, happier, etc.) and how this will also help your partner/relationship - because as much as we love someone, also seeing how something can benefit us is another motivator to support that person. (It's not selfish. It's human nature). You also want to think about how you see their role in helping (holding you accountable, cheer leading).

2) Find a designated time to bring it up. This is not a time to bring up any other concerns you have for yourself, the relationship, family issues, or them! Focus focus focus!

3) During explanation of your goals and roles ask if they have any questions and review the top ways they can show their supports- you could even do a little role play to get them in the mindset of how to stop you when you try to derail off track. This can also make for some fun and lightness to a serious topic.

4) Visuals can also be useful for some so put the list of goals in a place in the home where you both can see it and be reminded to help stick to it!

Setting goals and following through with them can be hard but having the right support and encouragement may be just the thing to help you break through!

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